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Public Domain Sources

Sources of Public Domain Media , Images, Music, and other media that are in the public domain.


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If the photos are copyright free, some restrictions still apply. Specifically, people have a legal right to privacy, and the use of their likeness for commercial advertising typically requires a consent agreement. If a person is recognizable in an image, a model release must be obtained before using the image for commercial purposes.

In principle, if an photo is sufficiently modified so that individuals are no longer “recognizable”, it should be okay to use. In any and all cases, the final responsibility for the fair use of the images found on links from this site is yours. The advice you are reading here is not a qualified legal opinion. You should seek legal advice if you have any questions or doubts about your use of images containing recognizable individuals.

Additionally as is stated on the web sites of NASA, the NOAA, and the FWS, the use of these agencies’ official emblems to implicitly or explicitly endorse any product, organization, policy, or agenda is strictly prohibited by law.
I am Not an attorney and this is not intended for legal advice, merely for informational purposes and I strongly advise the reader to seek a qualified attorney to answer any questions as to the legality of using any images or other media found online.


This list is incomplete I will be adding more sources soon and also I will be adding more sources as I find them.   Feel free to suggest any sources that you know of in the comments below!

Public Domain

    • Pixabay – 680,000 public domain photos, vectors and video footage released under Creative Commons CC0 – free for private and commercial use, no attribution required.
    • Pexels – more than 2,000 photos and all are under CC0 License so that you can use them everywhere. Even in a business context. They committed to adding 10 photos a day.
    • Unsplash Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos. 10 new photos every 10 days from